Khuri Village

Khuri is a small village which is about 40 kms southwest of Jaisalmer – an hour and a world away from the fort’s swarming trade. Khuri has its own desert sand dunes, and it remains a peaceful place apart from during holiday periods, as it’s popular with Indian holidaymakers, with houses of mud and straw which are decorated like the patterns on Persian carpets. There are abundance of camps of mud huts, and camel drivers who are eager to take you on the dunes, but no shop-lined streets or pancake restaurants. Once the excitement of sunset is over, there is desert solitude and the brilliant star-studded sky at night to look forward to.

Some tourists prefer places which are not too crowded. When travelling to Rajasthan, there are some places which are less crowded as Rajasthan is a brand ambassador for Indian travel and tourism around the world. When it comes to Desert Safari, which is preferred by tourists from all over the world , noone really expect it to be aloof. Luckily, Rajasthan provides that place too because the land can just not afford to make you upset at any point. Khuri Village is one such area which is not much crowded and gives the real feel of desert life having great Khuri Sand Dunes. It can be very well opted as Sam Sand Dunes are far more crowded than Khuri. 40 kms off the town, Khuri is a perfect place for those who want solitude in the desert. It is a perfect traditional village with clusters of thatched roof houses where people still keep in their traditional dresses. Witness the rolling sand dunes which border the village.

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