Jhalana Leopard Safari Park

A rare opportunity to observe and photograph one of the world’s most elusive cats is provided by the Jhalana Panther Safari, which takes place right in the middle of Jaipur. One of the First Project Leopard sites, the 23 sq km dry and deciduous woodland became India’s top location for viewing and shooting these majestic cats in the wild in 2017. The regularity of leopard sightings is the sole constant in the reserve, which is open all year long. In addition to having leopards, the woodland is an excellent place to see striped hyenas, which is an extra bonus.

The leopard population has successfully adapted to the urban forest that surrounds the ancient city of Jaipur on all sides. Females frequently live in small groups with their current siblings and previous litters, which is a good example of how social behaviour and other evolutionary qualities can be well-documented on camera. Regardless of the season, whether it be the stifling summers, the monsoon rains, or the frigid winters, the forest has its own beauty.

The leopards in this area have successfully adapted to avoid conflict with other members of their own species and also to maintain a safe distance from humans. As a result, they are now known as Urban Leopards, who are smarter and more cunning.

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